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Used Guitar FAQ

How do I Edit my ad?

To Edit your existing ad you will need to be logged into your account. You can click on the [My Dashboard] link at the top right of page or you can click on “Manage Ads” on the right column on home page.

If you have an ad or ads you will see them listed on your Dashboard page. Next to your ad will be links and icons to perform various action.

Use the icons / links next to your ad under Options. Icons explained below.

Click pencil icon to Edit your ad.

Delete you ad. Once it’s gone there is no getting it back.

Pause – This will temporarily pause your ad from running.

You can ‘Mark Sold‘ or “Pending‘ which will show on your ad.

Extend Ad” will extend the running time of your ad using the original package you chose when you placed your ad with the original costs. This link will only show if your ad is about to expire.

I don’t remember my login / password.

If you lost your login / password information you can use the Reset Password link. This will send you a link to your registered email to reset your password. If you have any problems please contact us.

How do I modify my account?

To modify the information you have on account you will first need to login using your email / password. After logging in you will see a box on the right where you can Manage Ads you have or Edit Profile. There will also be a link at top right of page for your Dashboard or to Log out. Your Dashboard will have information on your account.

How do I find the Guitar / Listing that I am looking for?

To search for a Guitar for sale you can simply choose a category from the side bar or you can use the search bar at top or side of page.


If you choose a category to search you will be able to use an Advanced Search to Refine Your Results within that category. The Refine Results will be located on right side bar where you can refine your search by Brand, Model, Price Range.

Do I need to register?

You do not need to register to view ads or to reply to ads. You do need to register for an account to place an ad to sell your Mustang. Registration is quick, easy and free. UsedGuitarSales.com will not share your info with anyone except where your public info is view-able on this site.

How much does it cost to place a listing?

There are a few different packages for listing your Guitar for sale including a FREE option. Please see the pricing page for more info.

What happened to the old UsedGuitarSales.com website?

We have updated and improved the UsedGuitarSales.com website.
If you are already a registered member of the old UsedGuitarSales.com you should be able to login with your same login info. If you have a running listing on the old site, that should also be on this new site. If you are having any problem please contact us.